Version History for The Ultimate Campground Log MW
Updated 01/10/2017
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March  03, 2014

Final Release New
  1. Toolbar for quicker access to option pages.  See the VIEW option on the
        main menu if you want to switch back to the old popup menu.
    2. The documentation / help files updated to version

    3. Add the option to show if you were using a database in another location
        and it was not found when loading the program,  you now have options.

    1. All screens that had a button named EXIT are now shown as CLOSE.

    1.  Do to the new option 3 when the program was loaded the very first time
         it errored.   Now fixed.

    2.  Fixed the missing hand cursor on the road maps for the Mac OSx version.
         (This was not a problem on Windows versions.)
January  26, 2014 New
    1. In the Quick Maps section you can get the road, terrain, satellite,
        street and weather map views.

    2. You can now Save the chosen maps to the campgrounds picture
        or Maps section.

    3. Added an option called auto fill.  After entering a campgrounds address
         you can go to Zip/Postal Code and enter the zip code. Once you leave
         that box the program will auto fill the City Name, State, County,
         latitude, longitude and elevation.

     4. Added an Auto Fill button for the Latitude, Longitude and Elevation
         area.  With and address, city and state you can automatically fill
         in the Latitude, Longitude and Elevation fields pressing this button.

     5. Added new button under the Latitude/Longitude fields.
         It is a GPS Coordinates Converter.  This new screen will convert
         your Latitude and Longitude values to GPS coordinates values
         and vice-versa.

      1. Area Road Map button changed to read Quick Maps.

      2. The field that used to be called Altitude has now been renamed
          to Elevation.

1. Main Screen tab/enter order.
January 4
    1. Added area maps button to the main screen.
        You can get maps within the program.

    1. Corrected a minor bug.
July  18, 2013
    1. Evaluation version has been deprecated.

    1. Corrected a few minor bugs.
June  05, 2013
    1. Updated forum list box date when a forum name is doubled clicked.

    1. All OPTION buttons throughout the program are highlighted for easy
    2. On the main screen the 'Times Visited' is changed to 'Times Stayed".

    1. Visit history 'Nights Stayed' is properly updated when a Departure Date
        is selected.                                             
    2. Future reservations 'Total Nights' is properly updated when a Departure
        Date is selected.
    3. Checklist button name changes on Windows systems.
    4. Slide Show buttons in all slide shows now work on Windows systems.

May  13, 2013 Fixes
Fixed Visit and Trip Journals to read properly from
      old format to new format.
May  13, 2013 Additions
      Added text formatting to the programs editors.
      Added Camping forum memberships section.
      Added two printing options in the checklist section.

Printing bug in the EZ-Maintenance section.
      Camping friends page help selection.
May  01, 2013 First release.
       All new for the Mac OS X and Windows.

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