These are key features of The Ultimate Campground Log MW
The Ultimate Campground Log MW
Updated 01/10/2017
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Track basic campground information (name, address, phone, website, email, GPS coordinates, campground open dates)
New toolbar for faster easier access to other options. Added in Version
Track each trip, including the campgrounds visited, pictures taken and more
Store paths to trip pictures and view them in a slide show
Keep trip history journals (with text formatting) by day, week, month
Track trip expenses
Keep a contact list of family, friends and people you meet while camping
Keep maintenance records of your RV, tow vehicle, scooter, quad, etc. with built-in EZ Maintenance
United States and Canadian addressing
Auto Fill City, State, County, Latitude, Longitude and Elevation buy Zip Code
Gps/Latitude/Longitude Converter
Quick Maps (show and save maps viewed)
Image Compression used to reduce database size
Store pictures taken at the campground or in the area
Track site information, amenities, costs, payment methods, services, policies and more
Save maps of the campground sites, the entire park or the area
Keep a record of each visit to the campground (site information, cost, etc.)
Create a journal for each campground visit (with text formatting)
Track future reservations
Customizable documents (with text formatting) for checklists, shopping lists, medical information, etc.
Customizable checklist buttons
Campground resource websites for planning your next trip
All campground information is stored in one database
Multiple database capability
Create a database for another user from your database
Create additional databases from within the program
Copy campgrounds from one database to another
Built-in email with attachment capability
Email a database to another user from the built-in email
Email campground information with attachments from the built-in email
Change background color
Automatic update checking (can be turned off
Keep records of forum memberships
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